Deák Téri Evangélikus Gimnázium

Négy- és nyolcosztályos gimnázium Budapest szívében

Introduction to our school

(Budai Csanád fordítása)

We are a small, family-like school.

Our 375 students study in two systems: four and eight grade schooling.

Our goals are the following:

  • Forming wide knowledge in a range of fields
  • Preparing students for higher education based on individual interests and talents
  • Education of students to be a part of their own Christian church community

There are two Religion classes a week built into the timetable, broken into groups (according to denominations) if needed. Every Monday from 7:30 the students and teachers participate in a morning worship in the Deák Square Lutheran church, starting the week in good spirit. The spirituality of our school is encouraged by our school pastor, who holds after-school programmes for the students, such as bible studies, a film club, and a music club.

The language classes are extended by the school exchange programs, in Erfurt, Germany and in Sweden.

Two thirds of our students eat in the school canteen. The youngest are ensured with calm eating conditions, they are given enough time to eat: the 5th and 6th graders have “lunch” periods in their timetables. The students of the 5th and 6th grade have „an active break” after lunch in the nearby park or in the gym.

Half of the students in the four year school system live outside the city, some stay at the Lutheran students’ hall at Rózsák Square.

Our results

Our high academic achievement in the national graduation and competence exams have placed us among the best schools in our country.

Competition results:

Despite us not being a school specifically for competitions, we prepare our students for many competitions. Our results can be read on our webpage ( Our students got into the OKTV finals multiple times in Biology, Chemistry, German and English.

National testing:

In the past years our students have achieved consistently high scores on both the Mathematics and Hungarian national tests. We perform more than 50 points better than the Budapest average.

Our merits:

  • family-like atmosphere
  • the expertise of our the experienced and well trained, student centred teachers
  • high quality language and computer science curriculum with knowledge-based grouping
  • the high level teaching of the sciences, both in preparation for competitions and exams
  • preparation for the advanced level graduation exams in Hungarian literature, History, Mathematics, Physics, Computer science, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, English and German.
  • choir for both the younger and older students, school orchestra
  • theatre club, Bible club, Swedish and Finnish language classes
  • diverse class programs, such as, going to the theatre and cinema, dance courses, hikes, visiting cities
  • students get to start the academic year with a close to nature class trip
  • our ongoing exchange student programs with a German and Swedish school
  • our senior students have a week-long class trip to Transylvania


Opinions on the school


The parents of our students believe our best merits are:

“Good, family-like community”

“Thorough base for higher education”

“The high level academic ability of the teachers”

“High expectations in a humane way”

“The value system and spirit of the school”

“The good relationship with the parents”


Some of the reasons our students love the school

“Small, therefore family-like”

“The community is great, I hold a similar value system with those who surround me”

“I can see, that the teachers really love teaching, and want the students to be the best they can be”

“The auditorium is the most beautiful room in the capital city”

“The best class community is ours, and this only exists in our school”

“Family-like atmosphere, the teachers and students are kind, the classes are spent in a good mood. Even the gatekeeper and cleaning ladies are nice”

“Many great occasions inside and outside school. Such as the balls, where everyone has fun”

“The school has a theatre club, that is really great”

“We laugh a lot and love going here”

“The best feeling is, that although the school is hard, we don’t find it impossible to be a good student, as they help us”